Item Generation Component Tag
Type Item 
Category Inventory-Generator 

ID inventory_generation_component_tag

An Item Generation Component is an item representing a Inventory Generation Component File. Right clicking the item opens a GUI to edit the component.

An inventory generation component is used to build the outputs for tags like Inventory Generation Tag and Single Item Generation Tag. Every component with the same 'Group ID' contributes to the whole of the group, or in other words, in the end the components are combined to form a whole.

For example, if there is a component with Component ID 'PyramidChest' and Group ID 'PyramidChest', containing an iron sword, and another with Component ID 'PyramidChestAxes' and Group ID 'PyramidChest', containing an iron axe, then the Inventory Generation Tag by the name of 'PyramidChest' will generate both iron swords and iron axes.

To replace an inventory generator added by a mod, you can also add one by the same Component ID to the inventoryGenerators folder.

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